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What is Lyterati?

We developed Lyterati to enable faculty and administrators to meet their institutions’ goals through their research, teaching and service. Lyterati is that enabler.

With Lyterati, our mission is to support the collection and dissemination of a university’s intellectual contributions on an enterprise-wide level, to enable the university to serve students and society better.  Lyterati takes faculty data, which may be unusable due to its many varied, sometimes unstructured formats and make it usable across the entire institution and shareable, with appropriate controls, within and outside the institution.

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Our Story

A career in academia at a major university and a career as a business intelligence consultant were combined to “birth” Lyterati. In academia, we often wondered: Why are we always scrambling to get data documenting our primary mission, which is to do research, teach, and serve?

Though our university had a myriad of systems—faculty annual reporting systems, sophisticated HR systems, grants management systems, research databases, and faculty websites—there was no overarching way to easily access and use this data. Our solution was simple: Involve your faculty, give them access to their data, encourage intra-university collaboration, and streamline administrative processes for all.

Lyterati continues to improve and grow even more feature-rich, thanks to a technologically gifted team who continually listen to and learn from our customers and functional experts.

Our Team

We are a group of passionate professionals with varied backgrounds, who bring a love of creative problem-solving and a commitment to the Lyterati user experience.  Rumy Sen and Tarun Sen provide leadership to our team.

Rumy Sen


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Tarun Sen

Product Visionary

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Our Promise

We at Lyterati are serious about supporting the mission of our client institutions. We promise:

  • To support educational excellence
  • To foster effective academic institutions
  • To further the eminence and prominence of faculty by making accessible the expertise they bring to a university
  • To leverage the latest technologies thereby reducing the total cost for universities
  • To promote effective and efficient processes for access to and management of faculty data
  • To support collaboration between departments, colleges, faculty and administration within universities, which can lead to teaching and research innovations
  • To provide access to the most accurate, updated data
  • To continuously provide improvements to link to more available data
  • To remain simple to use – from data collection, updates, collaboration through discovery, searching, compliance and other reporting