Lyterati In Action

See Some of Lyterati's Various Capabilities

Lyterati has extensive features that makes it the most comprehensive faculty system for universities. Lyterati uses the latest technologies to provide functionalities that include big data databases for efficient analytics, business intelligence tool for ad hoc reporting, workflow management for faculty activity reports, promotion and tenure process support, CV maker, and searchable web profile with analytics.

Highly Configurable

Lyterati is highly configurable to individual institutions' evolving needs and taxonomy of intellectual contributions. It provides a feature-rich platform with the ability to drill down to source documents.

BI Reports

Business Intelligence tools allow you to produce many filtered reports and customize your own reports. These reports are very useful for Chairs, Deans, Provosts and other Administrators.

Faculty Annual Reports

Annual reports can be created, reviewed and approved including all research, teaching, service and other contributions. Workflow is integrated and customized.

P&T Dossier Management

Easy creation, review and management of Promotion and Tenure dossiers. Dossiers can be routed using integrated workflows.

CV Maker

Lyterati’s CV Maker tool facilitates the formatting of all CV data into a default CV template. All data is carefully reviewed in a multi-step process prior to publication. CVs can then be downloaded into a PDF or Word format.

CV Template Editor

CV templates can be created for different purposes. The CV template editor allows different configurations for the CV.

Find an Expert

Lyterati’s Find an Expert feature provides quick, at-a-glance data across the institution and supports faculty collaboration.

Online Profiles

Lyterati’s Web Profile makes it easy to select and report on research, teaching, articles, awards and service contributions. Results can be viewed in clickable bubble charts and other graphics for easy comparisons across departments. Users can click web links to view supporting details including all journal articles.