Washington’s New Tech Innovators – Lyterati in the Running

Lyterati by Entigence Corporation has been chosen as one of 5 tech innovators in the Washington DC area in the consumer and enterprise software group.  Every year, Washington Post’s Capital Business and the Northern Virginia Technology Council introduces 5 tech innovators to the general public for voting.  The votes obtained are used by an expert panel of judges to determine the new tech innovators in different groups in the Washington DC area.  We are delighted that Lyterati is in the running for one of the area’s tech innovators in a highly competitive market.


Lyterati is an enterprise system for higher education in the faculty information systems area.  Universities and their faculty have been used to recording their accomplishments in paper documents.  Lyterati provides a technology platform for bringing faculty performance management to the digital age and to move away from paper documents.  Accountability and reporting of faculty achievements are significant challenges faced by university administrators.  Lyterati structures and streamlines this process for universities.